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If you are in pain, stressed out, or just need a great massage, you’ve come to the right place, because Massage by Wil is one of the finest massage therapists in St. George, Utah. Massage by Wil offers affordable, relaxing and therapeutic massages. He has been practicing massage therapy since 1993 and is conveniently located in downtown St. George.

A massage is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Massage can help to release your stress, relax those muscles, relieve the pain, or simply be a calming and enjoyable experience. Now you can receive a massage that caters to your needs because Wil provides a variety of modalities that will meet those needs; therapeutic massage, relaxation massage, Reflexology, Kinesio Taping and Advanced Energy Healing work.

If you live in or are visiting St. George, Utah then you may want to choose an experienced massage therapist that strives to provide a high-quality massage that meets or exceeds your expectations and backs that up with a 100% guaranteed policy. Can you imagine how that would feel?

In addition to massage Massage by Wil offers Advanced Energy Healing session that will help bring balance and harmony back into your life. Hear what some of Massage by Wil’s clients have said about their massage and energy healing experience at the bottom of this page or in the Testimonials.

Now you are able to receive a great massage and/or energy healing in St. George, Utah, schedule online today, it’s easy and convenient.

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Life is Good with Massage by Wil

  • “There is a feeling of relief. A heaviness that has been lifted. Calm. Very powerful healing. Thank you!! Namaste!.”

    Ginger Blaisdell
    Licensed Massage Therapist, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • “Wow! Everyone of these Body Code reports are absolutely amazing. I’m so grateful (but, I’ve said that, before). I read and re-read them all. Some of them make sense right away, and some, I have to think about. So fascinating that the body will hold onto so much for so long. I’m especially interested in the areas that are multi-generational.

    I am doing really well. I’ve lost 25 lbs. and increased my activity and endurance. That’s been really satisfying. Emotionally; I feel much more grounded. The chronic anxiety that I’ve had for years, is much less. I don’t get anxious or angry as quickly. I have moments of absolute peace. Random moments of joy. It’s been an awesome adventure and a source of wonder.” 

    Laurel Ortez
  • I was hooked on peanut butter! I had given up sugar and was using peanut butter as a substitute. Wil was able to get the cravings for peanut butter and even the sweets to go away. It has really worked for me. His massages are the best I’ve ever had.

    Bronwyn Mount
    Dental Hygienist
  • Being a professional Ironman triathlete means always pushing your body to the limit. In training and in racing. I always say, everybody can train hard, but it is as important to get the recovery right. Only then you can benefit from the hard work you have done and stay injury free.

    Wil has everything I ask from a good massage therapist. He knows an athlete’s body and he is as much a pro in what he does as I am pro triathlete. Looking forward to working with him over the next years when I come back to St. George for racing or training camps.

    Thanks again for everything!! Could not have been any better.

    Mathias Hecht
    Switzerland Professional Triathlete Ironman St. George - 1st place Ironman South Africa - 2nd place Ironman Switzerland - 3rd place Ironman Euro Championship - 4th place Ironman 70.3 Portugal Champion

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