Being a professional Ironman triathlete means always pushing your body to the limit. In training and in racing. I always say, everybody can train hard, but it is as important to get the recovery right. Only then you can benefit from the hard work you have done and stay injury free.

Wil has everything I ask from a good massage therapist. He knows an athlete’s body and he is as much a pro in what he does as I am pro triathlete. Looking forward to working with him over the next years when I come back to St. George for racing or training camps.

Thanks again for everything!! Could not have been any better.

Mathias HechtSwitzerland Professional Triathlete Ironman St. George - 1st place Ironman South Africa - 2nd place Ironman Switzerland - 3rd place Ironman Euro Championship - 4th place Ironman 70.3 Portugal Champion

After years of chronic neck pain and 4 years of cervical epidurals to help with pain, I started seeing Wil for massage with attention to my neck area. Wil was so keen on what to do and what not to do in regards to my neck. Besides the massage, he did several stretches that also helped easy my symptoms. I’ve been with Wil for a few years now and have not had to return for an epidural for the past two years. I owe a lot of that to Wil and his expertise. Thank you Wil for giving me back my sanity!

Jan RockwellDental Assistant

I have always used massage to help lower the stress levels in my life. I have traveled the world and make it a point to get a massage whenever possible.

Yet, I always look forward to my massage in my hometown, I believe Wil is one of the best massage therapists I’ve ever had. His intuition and techniques are exceptional.

Stephen WadeStephen Wade Automotive Center

While gender is an important consideration for some, I have never given it a second thought because I go to the best, which happens to be Wil Adams . Having a rigorous schedule that leaves me from time to time with aches and pains, I know that I can always count on Wil to be there to massage them away. I have been going to Wil now for nine years. I have tried many different massage therapists over the years before finding him. I have found I like his massages because his hands are stronger and can massage deeper than others in his profession that I have tried. I like the variety that he adds each time I get a massage, depending upon areas of pain expressed. He keeps current with trends in his profession by attending conferences and reading trade periodicals. Wil is always professional and goes out of his way to make me feel comfortable. I find that I come away from his massages refreshed and better able to concentrate at work.

Jan CallMSN, RN

Wil has ‘magic hands’. I have been to many massage therapists and finally found Wil about three years ago.  He is able to tune into the tight/stressed-out areas on my body, work on those effectively and leave me relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to go. When I have an injury due to over-use or exercise-gone-wrong (like crashing my bicycle), Wil is able to work on that injury and bring relief and healing. Wil is always kind, professional, thoughtful and focused on helping me feel better.

I was also amazed at the healing I experienced during a brief ‘EFT tapping’ session with Wil.  I have been deathly afraid of heights since I was a child and within ten minutes of work with Wil, I can now stand and enjoy the view at the edge of a cliff with no fear whatsoever.  This was truly a miracle.  Wil also taught me how to do this for myself so I can address other issues I have and resolve them.

Nancy C. NeffRetired, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Southwest Utah Community Health Center

If you are ever in St. George and need a wicked massage, look up Wil Adams. I would put him in an elite category of therapists I call Magic Fingers! I went in thinking I felt good, and left feeling awesome! He even did Kinesio-taping! Super stoked!

Luke WayCalgary, Canada Ironman, Pro Racer

I have been getting massages from Wil Adams for years at my work and at his office. Wil is very professional and knowledgeable of his profession.  He gives the best massage and knows just how to work out the knots that helps me relax.  I would recommend Wil Adams for the best massage therapy.

Deanne MartinAircraft Routing Specialist SkyWest Airlines

I have been getting my massage from Wil Adams for many, many years now and I still think Wil is the best massage therapist in town or for that matter in the Southwestern region! Whether it’s a 30 or 60 minute massage, Wil will always find a satisfied customer with me.

Emmy GilmoreRetired, Senior Claims Adjuster WCF-St. George

I truly honor Wil’s talent and strength as a superb Massage Therapist.  Wil is one of the BEST massage therapists I have ever experienced in my almost 20 year quest to beat my multiple sclerosis pain. He is a very intuitive person and very capable of relieving my various deep trigger points in many places especially my neck.  I trust him completely as he works on me each week and I thank him for all his care. I have enjoyed learning new modalities including EFT and foot reflexology as an extra half hour after the massage.

Valerie Noel CiardiRetired

I have been a licensed massage therapist and educator for over 30 years.  I know a great massage when I get one and that’s what I get from Wil every time!  I like deep tissue work and he knows just where and how much pressure to give to get my muscles to let go.  I also appreciate the EFT and other energy modalities he uses with me.  He’s the BEST in St. George.

Karen Lessman-HughesLicensed Massage Therapist