Advanced Body Balancing

Advanced Body Balancing is a mixture of massage, energy work, and a complete energy healing session. This combination complements each other perfectly, offering emotional, physical, and spiritual healing. At the beginning of the session, we will be working on a specific issue followed by an energy balancing massage.
These sessions are very freestyle, meaning it’s all about you, by asking your system what it wants to be worked on or what needs to be released next. No two sessions are the same. 

The Massage: The massage part is like no other, everything is purposeful, it’s about unwinding your body from the stresses of life and possibly any ailments from the day. It about looking at your tension areas as the source of the tension and at the same time looking at it as a symptom of a bigger issue. It’s about how I can use the knowledge of anatomy, the experience to know what works and follow my intuition and how to observe your body to figure out what it needs to be released.


The Energy Healing: It’s about releasing imbalances that are creating other imbalances within your body’s energy systems. It’s about listening to what your body/system is saying, the instructions of how it wants to be healed. It’s about modalities that are going to be used to help with the release of imbalances within your physical body parts, such as muscles, bones, organs, and other tissue of the body. These modalities will also help to balance energy sources of the body, such as the chakras, meridians, auras, and others systems that have become imbalanced.


The Combination: This is where bringing together the massage and the energy healing really shines.  It’s about the communication through both voice and energetically by acknowledging certain aspects or times of your life that are creating stress within your life at this moment. It’s about offering a way to release imbalances in a safe and calm manner. It’s about getting a massage and physically experiencing how energetic imbalances can create tension and possibly pain in the body and then being able to feel it release. It’s about allowing yourself time to get into a state of relaxation. It’s about making the connections within all parts of the body’s systems so that you can start your healing process.


The Specialty:

The beginning of Advanced Body Balancing is about addressing your ailment for the day, verbally. I will be talking you through what your body/system is telling me needs to be released. These releases may come from something emotional, generational, epigenetics, timelines, chakra balancings and/or any other type of balancing, whatever your system says it needs for the release. This is an open communication time, you can express as much or as little as you like. You can laugh, cry, and/or just absorb and process the experience.

After your system has indicated that is all it wants to work on verbally, I will continue with the massage session. The focus here will be to unwind and balance your body by using my intuition and sense of touch. I will continue to make any releases physically and energetically throughout the rest of the session.

No two sessions are the same, these sessions are very freestyle, meaning it’s all about you. I’ll continually ask your system what it wants to be worked on throughout the session.  There’s a good possibility I will not get through your entire body, despite the length of the session. Sometimes, there may be more of a massage type of session and other times it’ll be more energy healing work type of session.


Note: Water is a great conductor when it comes to massage and energy healing. Staying well hydrated before and after your session is a must to get the best results.

Depending on your ailments, it may take several sessions to progress in your healing.