relaxation main pageThe intention of Relaxation massage is to soothing the muscles and calm the mind, to help one feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Relaxation sessions are great for:

  • Those who just want to unwind
  • On vacation
  • Want a healthy living maintenance plan
  • Just wants to enjoy a great massage.
  • Who find it hard to relax

Relaxation Massage Sessions:

Awesome for those in high stressed jobs, mothers who just need to get away for some me time, who just want to relax for the day. The relaxation massage has a perfect mix of techniques that will sooth your body to get some relief from everyday stress, aches and pains, and returning your body and mind back to a state of harmony. These sessions will also give you a deep sense of relaxation throughout your whole body system allowing you to feel balanced and rejuvenated, returning you to that sense of well being you are longing for.

Many people have stated how important their regular scheduled relaxation massage is to them and without it, the stress’ in their life would be hard and/or costly to manage.

Available in 90, 60, 30 minute session

Neck, Face & Scalp Massage:

neck scalp faceThis session is excellent for those under a lot of stress, have neck, shoulder and facial tension. Those who grind/tense their teeth and jaw, soreness around eyes, headaches or sinus issues. This is a mix of massage, acupressure points and energy work that provides you with deep sense of relaxation. The massage will sooth your neck and shoulders, while releasing key points on your face and scalp will allow the tension to fade away and restore that peaceful feeling you may desire.

Available in 45 minute session


ReflexologyThese sessions are wonderful for those who have an ailment, but has no desire to get a body massaged or someone who loves to have their feet massage. Reflexology is a form of bodywork that focuses primarily on the feet. The theory behind Reflexology is all the reflexes of the body (organs, glands, spine, etc.) correlate with areas of the feet. When working on your feet, imbalances may be found and by working those areas, in theory it with help to return balance to the correlated area in the body. Not only are these sessions incredibly relaxing, one can gain benefits throughout their entire body as well.
These sessions are popular with people who are looking for relaxation or pain relief, but aren’t wanting a full or half body massage.

People with fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, and migraines have benefited from Reflexology sessions.

Available in 60, 30 minute sessions.

Modest Massage:


These sessions are great for those who want a massage, but feel uncomfortable about removing their clothing or are new to massage and would like to experience a massage without disrobing completely. These session will focus on your needs, may that be releasing tension, pain, soreness or just need some time to relax. This session may help to restore balance to your body and mind, and improve your sense of well being.

Note: For best comfort and ease on the skin, wear cotton t-shirt and sweatpants, workout pants or shorts.

Available in 90, 60, 30 minute sessions.