I am a nurse practitioner with fibromyalgia.  During the 5 ½ years I lived in St George, Wil’s weekly 90 minute deep tissue massages helped me to have a life and stay out of bed all day.  Like all of the very best massage therapists, he combines his excellent skills with physical therapy techniques.  He is constantly adding to his knowledge by taking courses and adding more modalities to the services he offers.  True healers are very intuitive.  Wil is no exception.  He truly listens to his client’s body, adding energy work or whatever is needed at that session.

Although I don’t live in St George anymore, I was excited to try the Body Code once Wil added that modality to his services.  I didn’t completely understand how it would work, but it made sense to me that our bodies hang on to emotional or physical experiences we have had in our lives.  Wil was able to do Body Code work for me, even though we were separated by 300 miles.  Over a period of four months, Wil did about twelve Body Code sessions.  I began to feel a bit of a difference physically and emotionally almost from the start.  Six months after Wil began my Body Code sessions, the physical difference in me was undeniable.  My friends and family began asking me what was making me feel better.  My current massage therapist kept telling me that my body was improving and she felt I was getting well.  It has been a year since I began Body Code.  I still have fibromyalgia, but not at all like I used to.  Not only am I doing better physically, but I am emotionally calmer.

Over two months ago, I contacted Wil and asked him to do the Body Code on my dogs.  I have two males that get along very well.  For some reason, this year they had been in two fights.  Obviously this could not continue, and I asked Wil for help.  He did one session on one dog, and two on the other.  I not only gained insight into what was going on with each dog, but they have not had an incident since.  They seem calmer as well.  I totally would recommend the Body Code to anyone even thinking about it.