Wil has ‘magic hands’. I have been to many massage therapists and finally found Wil about three years ago.  He is able to tune into the tight/stressed-out areas on my body, work on those effectively and leave me relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to go. When I have an injury due to over-use or exercise-gone-wrong (like crashing my bicycle), Wil is able to work on that injury and bring relief and healing. Wil is always kind, professional, thoughtful and focused on helping me feel better.

I was also amazed at the healing I experienced during a brief ‘EFT tapping’ session with Wil.  I have been deathly afraid of heights since I was a child and within ten minutes of work with Wil, I can now stand and enjoy the view at the edge of a cliff with no fear whatsoever.  This was truly a miracle.  Wil also taught me how to do this for myself so I can address other issues I have and resolve them.