These sessions are nice for those if you’ve been feeling out of sort lately, having an issue that continually returns or an issue that no one else’s seems to have an answer to. If these are some issues you are feeling, then the Body Code might be the path you need to take.

The Body Code uses the power of the subconscious mind in tandem with muscle testing and a mind mapping system called the Body Code. This energy work allows a way to communicate energetically to shift imbalances and misalignments in order to help restore healing, balance, and harmony within your body. These energy work sessions can be done in-person or if you don’t live in the St. George, Utah area, it can be done via email correspondence both are just as effective as the other.

The beauty about the Body Code energy healing work is it’s not about what has happened to someone else, or this is the norm, this healing energy work is about YOU and only YOU. It communicates with you, your needs, what you need to be unwound, in the order that needs to be released and what you need to be healed at this time in your life. Each session comes with a written report of the session. 

I’d love to assist you in your healing journey.

This can be stand-alone service or can be added on to the beginning of your massage,

Many people have used the Body Code for body pain, fears, and blocks relating to money, relationships, and personal growth.

In Person Session ………. $85, First Time Visit …… $110
Email Correspondence .. $85, First Session ……… $110
Package of 4 Sessions .. $300

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From the outside, it seemed as though I had a great life. But on the inside, I was suffering. It was hard to explain. I just didn’t feel right. I spent a lot of time in therapy trying to talk through the issues. It helped but never gave me peace. I was still fighting a battle. It still felt like all the old emotions were just bouncing around in my body causing problems.

I was very open to energy healing work when I heard about it. Wil worked on me remotely with the Body Code and Heart Wall Release methods. It took quite a few sessions to help me. Wil would send me an email, after he did a session, and explain all that he had found. The interesting part, I could always trace back to the days he did the sessions because my emotions would be off for a day or two, trying to adjust. The energy healing work didn’t help immediately. I think it took time for my behavior to shift with the shift of my emotions and energy.

I can honestly say, that for the first time in years, I feel peace. My life flows better because I am actually able to go with the flow and not feel like I am fighting a battle. I would recommend the Body Code and Heart Wall Release to anyone willing to have an open mind about energy healing and is ready for a change.
Thanks, Wil!
– Christy Ellis, St. George, UT